The Absolute BEST DJ Headphones to Use

My favorite headphones to use are the Sony MDR7506 Headphones (View on Amazon). These headphones, BY FAR, are my favorite pair that I have ever owned. I’ve been through countless pairs of headphones, and I regrettably admit that I’ve been suckered into the Beats fad that seemed to take over the mainstream.

But once I tried these headphones out, I knew I’d never go back. They have crystal-clear highs, present mids, and an extended low-end, for accurate monitoring.

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Things I Like About These Headphones

  • They’re lightweight and comfortable – Having headphones that feel like almost nothing on your head is important. I spend a lot of time wearing them, so if they’re light that’s a huge plus for me.
  • The cord is super long – The cord on these headphones can stretch out to nearly 10 feet. It’s a coil cord so it doesn’t seem like an excess of wires.
  • Balanced audio – Some headphones try to boost their bass and trebles to give them a false sense of “power”. These headphones are perfectly balanced and give me near perfect audio.
  • The Price – The price of these headphones is unreal. For most headphones of this quality, you’ll be looking at spending over $200. The price of these blow me away, especially since these have lasted me for so long.
  • Durability – I’ve had these headphones for coming on two years now and they don’t have any signs of slowing down. I’ll admit I’m not the most gentle person with my gear, and after taking a beating for two years, there’s no signs of wear, damage, or loss in audio quality.

Things I Dislike About These Headphones

  • Loss in tension – The headphones used to fit quit snugly against my head when I first got them. They’ve lost a little bit of that tension and don’t fit on my head as tightly as they used to. (This may be a pro to some people)
  • Wear & Tear – With anything, normal wear and tear is a normal occurrence. The faux leather ear pads started to lose quality over time.

Aside from the minute issues, these are still my favorite set of headphones. They simply sound right. I was appalled to go to the store and listen to some Bose headphones and hear how bad the quality was in comparison: for a set of $300 headphones.