Which DJ Case Do I Use?

If you’re a mobile DJ, you’re going to want to make sure that you have a case. Protecting all of your expensive gear is critical. My recommended DJ case is the Odyssey DJ Case (View on Amazon).

The reason that I chose this case is simple – It’s durable and it fits my Pioneer DDJ-SB3 controller like a glove.

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This is a fantastic case for the DDJ SB3. As others have stated here, it is very heavy, but it’s solidly built and offers great protection. The controller fits very snugly inside—you may want to keep it in there, even at home. The sliding shelf is very sturdy and although it’s designed for a laptop, it feels like it could hold more weight. Velcro straps on the platform allow you secure your laptop inside the case for transportation and there’s room behind the controller for all your cables. So if you’re going to a gig that already has a sound system, you only need to show up with this one case. With a laptop on the sliding platform, your set-up will look very professional.